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Municipality Großrückerswalde

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Welcome at the homepage of the municipality of Großrückerswalde.
welcome you very warmly and I am pleased that you are visit our homepage. It should be show you the most important information and events of the municipality of Großrückerswalde, quickly and comprehensively. Our municipality is located in the heart of the "Erzgebirge".
, Niederschmiedeberg, Streckewalde, Schindelbach and Wolfsberg are a districts of Großrückerswalde.
Enjoy the beautiful landscape of the "Erzgebirge" at our many recommended hiking and cycling trails. Visit our inspiring museums and churches. For further information, please have a look at our homepage. You will also find important information and contacts to our diverse association offers. Dont hesitate to visit our  "Culture and Meeting Centre" (KuBz).
the mayor of the town
, I would be very happy to have a personal exchange with you.

Your Mayor André Rösch