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Beste Aussichten!

Today, it goes without saying that the Ore Mountains don’t end at the border to the Czech Republic, but that the region is knitting together as one – also on a touristic level. The cultural diversity of the region in regard to language, religion, and customs is a great enrichment. So dare to step across the ridgeline of the Ore Mountains and discover an endearing lifestyle.

Enjoy the beautiful landscape on one of the hiking paths, on a bicycle tour, on horseback or while enjoying a carriage ride. If you would like to discover the beautiful landscape of the Ore Mountains from a bird’s eye perspective, you can do so on a scenic flight via glider or motorized plane from the airfield in Großrückerswalde. Those who enjoy winter sports can do so on a well prepared slope or the cross-country ski trail and celebrate Après-Ski in the rustic pub

There is much to see in Großrückerswalde and its district communities! The dignified 15th century fortified church, the knight’s estate, and the old flight training school in Großrückerswalde, the museum of Mauersberg and the cross chapel in Mauersberg, the museum in the Preßnitz Valley with its interesting exhibition on local history, the mountain village Streckewalde and the nearby Höllenmühle in the beautiful Sandbach Valley are definitely worth seeing!

Gently rounded hill tops, romantic river valleys, and stunning views of the Ore Mountains are what make the landscape surrounding Großrückerswalde truly special. Large Forests, green meadows, sheer rock faces, picturesque villages, the histories of the narrow-gauge railway, the local paper and mining industry, as well as a multitude of hidden gems – this isn’t a great place for your holiday, but also the perfect place to live.